Session Presenter(s) Title

Dr. John Pomeroy

Dr. Peter McCornick

Dr. Maurice Moloney

Agricultural Water Futures in an era of Changing Agriculture and Climate

Reflections on Water Management for More Productive & Resilient Agriculture

Climate-smart crops: delivering global food security in the era of climate change

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M-A-03: Socioeconomic value of irrigation

Rumzi Ahmad  Uplifting the socio economics of farmers in Muda area: the role of irrigation systems
M-B-03: Climate change and its impact on agriculture, irrigation, and drainage (I)


Mr. David Curtis

Mr. Phokele Maponya                     

Mr. Jaepil Cho

Perspectives on California’s Wet and Wild 2016-17 Winter Season

Potential Constraint of Rainwater availability on the Establishment and Expansion of Agroforestry in Limpopo Province, South Africa

Climate Change Impact Assessment on Water Balance of Agricultural Reservoirs in Korea

M-C-03: Water reuse and water quality management (I)

Walter Roche

Evan Hillman

Ke-Chun Lin                                    

Isiaka Toyin Busari 

Irrigation Reuse of Wastewater in California, USA

Characterizing Drain Water Quality within the Taber Irrigation District, Alberta, Canada

The Preliminary Study on the Development of Integrated Environmental Monitoring and Pollution Investigation Mechanism in Agricultural Production Environment

Investigating the effects of ABR wastewater irrigation management techniques on growth and yield parameters of madumbe (Colocasia esculenta) in Durban, Republic of South Africa

M-A-04: Water-food-energy nexus

Tafadzwanashe Mabhaudhi

Vijay Labhsetwar

Ahmed Abdelkader

Lina Wu 

Integrating the water – energy – food nexus into national irrigation planning: South African perspectives

Actions for green economy through linkages between water, energy and food security

Dynamic water, food, and trade modeling: case study for Egypt

An Integrated Model for Dynamic Assessment of the Food-Energy-Water nexus in Saskatchewan

M-B-04: Climate change and its impact on agriculture, irrigation, and drainage (II)

Ms Saowanit Prabnakorn

Nozar Ghahreman

Ms Luciana Cunha 

Drought hazard to rice cultivation in the Mun River Basin, Thailand

Possible effects of climate change on cropping pattern in northeast of Iran: A climate smart approach

Drought Vulnerability Assessment for the Middle Rio Grande

M-C-04: Water reuse and water quality management (II)

Sheng-Chi Lin

Chihhao Fan

Dr. Eman Ragab 

Application of Resin Capsules in Heavy Metal Monitoring in Irrigation Water

Forewarning analysis of the irrigation water quality by linking automatic monitoring system

The national water quality monitoring network in Egypt: Assessment and rationalization approach


 Session Presenter(s) Title

T-A-01: Irrigation & water resources management in transboundary basins

Jilllian Brown

Syed Mustakim Ali Shah

Jong Won Do 

 Irrigation Development as an Instrument for Economic Growth in Saskatchewan: An Economic Impact Analysis

Investigating the vulnerability of irrigated agriculture across the Saskatchewan River Basin under different future scenarios

Optimal irrigation management system based on hydraulic analysis of irrigation channel

T-B-01: Climate change and its impact on agriculture, irrigation, and drainage (III)

Graham Parsons

Shiang-Min Chen

Laurie Tollefson

Shervan Gharari

Abraham Joel 

 Lake Diefenbaker, Saskatchewan Canada. A Visionary 20st Century Start on 21st Century Issues.

CO2 Emissions of Rice Observed from A Paddy Field Under System of Rice Intensification

Irrigation in the Context of Climate Change in Canada

Estimating near-surface soil moisture under climate change using an improved configuration of the Variable Infiltration Capacity (VIC) model based on Grouped Response Units (GRU)

Assessing the irrigation demands in Sweden under changing climate

T-A-02: Irrigation & water resources management in transboundary basins AND Managing competing water demands (I)

 Session Cancelled  

T-B-02: Climate change and its impact on agriculture, irrigation, and drainage (III) AND Irrigation water footprint (I)

Charles Nhemachena                           

Jianxin Mu                                       

Cara Drury

Margo Redelback

 Review of climate change and variability impacts on water resources, irrigation and agricultural sector performance in Southern Africa

Irrigation Certification in Saskatchewan

Irrigation Certification in Saskatchewan

Alberta Irrigation Sector 2005-2015 Conservation, Efficiency and Productivity Plan and Evaluation

T-A-03: Managing competing water demands (II)

Caren Jarmain                                

Carl Walters

Sitti Rahma Ma’mun                       

Muhammad Usman Rashid

Remote sensing, Machine Learning and Water Accounting: New-age tools to support and age-old challenge

Managing competing water demands through a partnership approach in Northern Victoria, Australia

Alternative institutional arrangement for sustainable irrigation: a study of local water users association in Indonesia

Formulating diagnostic assessment and modernization approach for large irrigation systems

T-B-03: Irrigation water footprint (II)

 Jiabin Wu                                       

Amali Abraham Amali

Haili Wang

Pilar Gil                                           

Christopher Neale

Quantification of alfalfa water uptake from different layers and root zones under drip irrigation using stable hydrogen

Assessment of crop water use and stress using multidate satellite data

Study on Water Demand and Suitable Soil Water Content of Banana, Guangdong , China

Strategies for reducing water consumption in vineyard grapevines without affecting water status, yield and wine quality.

Application of remote sensing to evaluate the spatial-temporal variation in irrigation performance in Central Nebraska, USA

T-A-04: Managing competing water demands (III)

Leila Eamen


Mohammad Ghoreishi

Andrew Slaughter

Khaled Akhtar

Clarke Ballard 

An Evaluation of Current and Future Water Allocation Strategies in the Saskatchewan River Basin, Canada

Improving Resilience of Water Resources Systems through Public Awareness: The Key Role of Media in Affecting Agricultural Water Use

Water resources management modelling for achieving equitable sharing of water within the Saskatchewan River Basin

Bow River Sim – A Serious Game for Communicating Bow River Integrated Water Management

Competition for irrigation water - Case studies

T-B-04: Drainage and flood control strategies (I)

Heidi Salo

Olle Häggblom

Helena Äijö

Christopher Gallagher

Assessing the difference between trencher and trenchless subsurface drainage methods through groundwater level observations

Impacts of supplementary drainage on the water balance of a poorly drained clayey agricultural field

The effect of supplementary subsurface drainage on nutrient and sediment loading in clay soil

Integrating Taber Irrigation District into our Watershed: More than Mitigation


 Session Presenter(s) Title

W-A-01: Drainage and flood control strategies (II)

Dr Bart Schultz

Robert Halliday

Ryan Husband

Kelly Farden

Sustainable development of the lowlands of the Netherlands in the Cultural context (Solicited)


Saskatchewan Irrigation Infrastructure Management System

Sub-surface tile drainage project at the Canada-Saskatchewan Irrigation Diversification Centre

W-B-01: Climate smart agriculture and innovative technologies for enhancing water use efficiency (I)

Jay Bauer

Maik Wolleben

Edwin Kanda

Kazumi Yamaoka 

 Utilizing Plant Response Indices for Delineating Intra-field Irrigation Management Zones

Microwave Soil Moisture Sensing from Pivot Irrigation Systems

Simulation of soil water dynamics under Moistube irrigation

Tropical Perennial Rice farming systems (SALIBU technology) for the 2nd Green Revolution against climate change

W-A-02: Irrigation, drainage, and flood control for resilient agriculture (I) 

Vijay Labhsetwar

Seija Virtanen                                 

Abraham Joel for Olive Tuyishime  

Jason Drury

Maher Salman

 Irrigation and Drainage for Global Food Security

Effect of controlled drainage and sub-irrigation on groundwater level, drain discharge, nutrient loadings and yields

Controlled drainage for reducing nitrogen losses and salt concentrations in a clay soil under rice production in Rwanda

Irrigation in Saskatchewan

Solar powered irrigation for sustainable agricultural development AND 

Harvesting water to grow resilient agro-ecosystems and livelihoods in the face of climate change

W-B-02: Climate smart agriculture and innovative technologies for enhancing water use efficiency (II)

Dale Tomasiewicz

John Hornbuckle                             

Jarett Powers 

Micronutrient Requirements of Irrigated Crops in Saskatchewan, Canada

IrriSAT - An Australian experience in the development and use of innovative technology for enhancing water use efficiency

In-situ Monitoring and Application of Passive Microwave Sensors for Variable Rate Irrigation Systems

W-A-03: Irrigation, drainage, and flood control for resilient agriculture (I) AND Irrigation infrastructure development (I)

Bruce Jones

Kwang-Sik Yoon                             

Pheerawat Plangoen

Hafiz Faizan

S. Mehdy Hashemy Shahdany

China's Irrigation, Drainage, and Flood Control Legacy

Evaluation of Resilient Water Supply Alternatives for a Large Irrigation Reservoir According to the Drought Scenarios

The Development of Concrete Lined Ditches Mix with Rubber Latex for Farm Irrigation System

Best Management Practice for a Solar-Powered Center Pivot Irrigation System

Improving Water Delivery within Main Irrigation Canals in Arid Regions Using In-Line Reservoirs

W-B-03: Climate smart agriculture and innovative technologies for enhancing water use efficiency (III)

Caren Jarmain                                

Allan Peake

Graziano Ghinassi 

Supporting farmers with satellite information increases their resilience and saves water: The FruitLook story

Customizing irrigation strategy to soil type and climate using the APSIM crop model

Sustainable Technology to Reduce Energy Use in Travelling Sprinkler Irrigation

W-A-04: Irrigation infrastructure development (II)

Yasser Ali

Sam Schaefer                                 

Mona Liza Delos Reyes

Kazem Shahverdi                           

Mykhailo Romashchenko

Egypt's experience in biological weed control by grass carp, Centopharyngodon idella

Facility Improvements to Increase Conveyance and Recharge Capacity as a Regional Adaptive Strategy in Poso Creek Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Area, Kern County, CA

Emerging design considerations for modernisation of national irrigation systems in the Philippines

Fuzzy Sarsa Learning (FSL) algorithm convergence and generalization in small and large space problmes for water delivery in irrigation canals

Strategy of irrigation and drainage rehabilitation and development in Ukraine up to 2030

W-B-04: Climate smart agriculture and innovative technologies for enhancing water use efficiency (IV)

Dr Susan O’Shaugnessy

Dr Ragab Ragab                             

Dr Willemijn Appels                         

Dr Ingrid Wesström 

Variable Rate Irrigation Systems with Sensor-feedback (Solicited)

New technologies for more accurate estimation of crop water requirement without the crop coefficient Kc (Solicited)

Exploring management of subsurface drip irrigation technology in southern Alberta: indoor insights and field findings

Can you increase the crop yield with just a few irrigation events?


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Poster Day Submission ID Author Title
T-01 28 Mansour Mohammadi Dinani Water resource management and conflict laws: case study of Iran
T-02 56 Hennie Grobler Development and evaluation of a toolkit for sustainable Revitalization of Smallholder Irrigation Schemes: Free State Province, South Africa.
T-03 55 Suraj Lamichhane Utilization of Augmented flow for Irrigation, Hydro power and Flood Control a case study of “Budi Gandaki Hydroelectric Storage Project”
T-04 260 Abdoulrahman Abdullahi Ogogle Socioeconomic Value of Irrigation: Case study of Bakalori irrigation scheme in Nigeria
T-05 264 Yawen Chiueh The Demand said analysis of transferring agricultural water to industrial water in Changhua and Yunlin
T-06 305 Shivaji Sangle Socio-Economic Value of Irrigation: Bulk Water Rates for Irrigation in Maharashtra State, India
T-07 328 Shivaji Sangle Climate Change and Management of Risk and Uncertainty in Indian Agriculture
T-08 364 Alireza Moridnejad Socioeconomic Impacts of Khodaafarin irrigation Network Project on Moqan Plain, Iran
T-09 220 Attila Nagy Integrated method for identification of irrigable sites in the transnational Tisza river basin in Central Eastern Europe
T-10 157 Eunhee Choi Preliminary Application Experiment of Water Saving irrigation techniques at the Paddy Field for the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Approach
T-11 189 Harold Yih-Chi Tan A Case Study of Food-Water-Energy Nexus During Drought in Taoyuan City, Taiwan
T-12 314 Sylvester Mpandeli Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Climate Risks and Opportunities for Irrigation Expansion in Southern Africa
T-13 341 Kyung-Sook Choi Water footprint and food production: Exploring food losses and waste in Water-Food-Energy nexus
T-14 351 Chia-Jen Yu The Water-Food-Energy Nexus in Taiwan
T-15 380 Jin-Yong Choi Water-Energy-Food Nexus Investigation for Resources Intensive Farming in Korea
T-16 393 Maxi Mbidde Ssenyondo Boosting crop productivity through irrigation water systems
T-17 12 Karunakar Ghimire Impact of climate on Nepal economy and Way forward
T-18 160 Emilly Tumuheirwe Kakooko Ndyomugyenyi The Effect of Climate Change Adaptation on Rural Community Livelihoods
T-19 179 Lia Pervin Potential impact of climate change to the regional climate and irrigation water demand in future
T-20 208 Zongho Kom Potential climatic shocks on small-scale farming and adaptation strategies in Vhembe District, South Africa.
T-21 215 Kateryna Shatkovska Improvement of Adaptive Ability of the Drainage Systems in the Irpin's and Zdvyzh's Rivers Vasins to Climate Changes
T-22 310 Kyung-Sook Choi Climate change implications over wheat production system of Punjab, Pakistan
T-23 318 Jongwon Do agricultural drought, water supply, reservoir, drought index
T-24 319 Yi-Ju Lin The Influence of Climate Change on Cultivation Interval and Field Irrigation Requirement for Paddy Rice in Taiwan
T-25 360 Aston Chipanshi Exploring the adaptive capacity of agriculture to climate variability across the Canadian Prairies
T-26 361 Teboho Masupha Assessment of climate change-related risks on smallholder farmers in the Capricorn district of Limpopo Province, South Africa
T-27 372 Lei Wang Spatial-temporal changes of main crops irrigation water requirements in China during 1986-2015
T-28 389 Khem Raj Sharma Reflections on Climate Change and its Impact on Agriculture in Nepal
T-29 355 Syed Shah Modeling the integrated effects of Climate, Soil, Groundwater, and Irrigation water on Root Zone water and salt fluxes for Maize Crop: A Case Study in Faisalabad, Pakistan
T-30 358 Jennifer Attema Direct Measurement of Prairie Reservoir Evaporation: Towards Improving Estimation Methods
T-31 303 Narges Zohrabi Integrated analyzes of the Impacts of Streamflow Fluctuations and irrigation efficiency improvement on Irrigation and Drainage Networks using Performance Indices
W-01 32 Israr Hussain Kazim  Hydraulic performance of a trickle irrigation system with special reference to emitters and energy loss along laterals
W-02 61 Han Xin Research on the variability of Sense heat flux under inhomogeneous underlying surface
W-03 93 Zhigong Peng Research on the Threshold Value of Agricultural areas under the Constraint of Total Amount of Water Consumption in North China
W-04 132 Qinghong Yan Effect of SAP on Growing Seedlings in Substrate and Growth of Rape in Sand
W-05 175 Elham Zanganeh Effects Of Subsurface Drip Irrigation With Different Emitters Depth  And Spacing On Yield And Water Productivity Of Sugarcane(Var. CP69-1062) In Iran
W-06 219 Attila Nagy  Water and energy safe precision irrigation system: a Hungarian example
W-07 236 Gary Kruger Contans as an integrated pest management tool for irrigated soils
W-08 299 Kyung Sook Choi Development of farmers education model for water saving as a drought measure
W-09 311 Yu-Min Wang Multispectral Imager Onboard Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Estimating Paddy Rice Chlorophyll in South of Taiwan
W-10 320 Wen-Shin Lin Assessment the Performance of Rice Cultivation between Alternate Wetting and Drying (AWD) and System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in Southern Taiwan
W-11 349 Alina Buber Management of the Hydrothermic Regime of the Irrigated Field While Growing Early Potatoes in the Arid Zone
W-12 378 Mahdi Mohammadi Non-destructive leaf area estimation method; using image processing techniques
W-13 20 Maryam Morady Investigating the Effect of Irrigation Network Improvement on reducing underground water resources usag and CO2 Gas Emissions Using Intelligent Precision Automatic Control System (MPC)
W-14 66 Aditya Shah Making an efficient irrigation system and rain garden
W-15 129 Shams Hayat khan Irrigation Channel construction and its impact on crops yields and farmers economic growth
W-16 177 Emilly Tumuheirwe Kakooko Ndyomugyenyi Influencers of food security and food dietary diversity in rural semi - Arid communities
W-17 307 Zhonghao Mao The response property of inverted siphon in long distance water distribution system
W-18 367 Omid Moridnejad Managing equitable distribution of water and providing demanded pressure in Hirmand 1 Irrigation Network
W-19 394 Skyler Jayden Dembe The contribution of simple irrigation technologies to crop production in the arid lands of North Eastern Uganda
W-20 9 David Murray Desalination of seawater for hydroponic agriculture to adapt to climate change
W-21 36 Mohamad Ali Fulazzaky Predicting the depth and water velocity of bio-sand filter with linear models for the removal of organic matter from rainwater
W-22 96 Masoom Hamdard Freshwater Swaps; Potential for Wastewater Reuse in Peri-Urban Agriculture, A case study of Kabul, Afghanistan
W-23 124 Chansung Oh Pollutant load estimation considering the land-use scenarios of reclaimed agricultural land in Saemangeum, Korea.
W-24 137 Megan Ludwig Using Colored Dissolved Organic Matter in End Member Mixing Analysis
W-25 213 Chihhao Fan Review of Agriculture Environmental Heavy Metal Control Standards in Taiwan
W-26 216 Chihhao Fan The Preliminary Study on the Development of Integrated Environmental Monitoring and Pollution Investigation Mechanism in Agricultural Production Environment
W-27 218 Chihhao Fan The classification system and regionalization applied to safety management of agricultural production environment
W-28 232 Janelle Villeneuve Assessment of Water Quality in Alberta's Irrigation Districts
W-29 255 Rushena Kupiedinova Investigation of the influence of water quality on technological parameters of the drip irrigation systems
W-30 323 Amira Abdelrasoul Controlling Poly Vinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Membrane Design for Water and Wastewater Treatment
W-31 350 Wan-Yu Lien Forecasting heavy metal concentration of water in the irrigation canals
W-32 399 Seyyed Ebrahim Hashemi Garmdareh Effect of treated wastewater and deficit irrigation on water use efficiency
W-33 85 Mohamad Ramdani Modernization of Irrigation Schemes in Indonesia: A Perspective of Sustainability
W-34 198 Ming-young Jan A pilot study on subsurface water using at Kaopin River, Taiwan
W-35 229 Barry Olson Using potash to control invasive mussels in Alberta's irrigation infrastructure
W-36 339 Jeongryeol Jang Evaluation of hydraulic performance of E-dong reservoir according to the design criteria change for dams considering climate changes
W-37 368 Ahmad Doosti The Assessment of Optimization Algorithms of GA and PSA methods for multi-reservoirs utilization in climate change conditions
W-38 205 Jih-Shun Liu Drainage Water Level Prediction Model for Farmland in Taiwan

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