Opening IEC Plenary: 13 August 2018, 17:00-18:30


Opening IEC Plenary: 13 August 2018, 17:00-18:30

Welcome and opening remarks by the President

President Er. Felix Reinders will welcome the members and make his opening remarks. President will put the role of ICID within the international water community in perspective, highlight the main achievements of the Commission during the last year since the Mexico City IEC meeting, brief members on the issues that are before IEC for deliberations, and delve on the need for a coherent approach towards the mission of ICID among its various stakeholders.

Scoping out the issues to be addressed during the workbody meetings: Secretary General, Chair of PCTA and Chair of PCSO

Secretary General will introduce the Agenda and draw the attention of the members to certain issues such as the Action Plan 2017-21 of Road Map to ICID Vision 2030, International Research Program on Irrigation and Drainage, Technical Support Program, Knowledge Management Strategy and other issues that need the special consideration during the session. He will also give a brief about the procedural aspects regarding the conduct of IEC and Meetings of workbodies, including permanent committees.

VPH Dr. Ding Kunlun, Chairman, PCTA and VPH Bong Hoon Lee, Chairman, PCSO will make short presentations on the important aspects that need attention of various Working Groups and how to make the meetings of workbodies reporting to their respective permanent committees, more vibrant and productive.

Presentation by the National Committees: Nepal and Somalia

The representatives of National Committees of Nepal and Somalia will make presentations to showcase the activities of NENCID and SONCID, respectively and share some important aspects regarding the agriculture water management scenario in their countries. The NCs look forward to feedback and suggestions from the members on conclusion of their presentations.

Presentation of Awards: WatSave, Best Paper, World Heritage Irrigation Structures

Presentation of WatSave Awards

The President, in consultation with the Management Board, constituted a Panel of Judges (PoJs) comprising of PH Dr. Saeed Nairizi (Iran) as the Chair and VP Dr. Brian T. Wahlin (USA), VPH Dr. Laszlo Hayde (Hungary), VPH Dr. Mohamed Wahba (Egypt) and Mr. Mehrzad Ehsani, Chair, WG-WATS (Iran) as the members for evaluation of the nominations received for WatSave Awards 2018. The Chair of the Panel will present his report to the Council introducing the works for which the awards have been recommended.

President will hand over the plaques and the representative of the host National Committee will present the prize monies to the winners.

Presentation of the Award for the Best Paper in the ICID Journal “Irrigation and Drainage

Out of the papers published in the ICID Journal “Irrigation and Drainage” during the year 2017, the best paper to be recognized by the Best Paper Award for 2018, will be announced by Chair of EB-JOUR, PH Prof. Dr. Bart Schultz or his representative Mr. Brent Paterson, Canadian member of EB-JOUR.

Recognition of World Heritage Irrigation Structures (WHIS)

The Chair of the Panel of Judges VPH Bong Hoon Lee, PCSO Chairman, will present the report to the Council about the identified historical irrigation and drainage structures that will be accorded recognition as “World Heritage Irrigation Structures” and later included in the ICID Register of WHIS on Council’s approval. The representative of the NC whose WHIS have been recognized and recommended to be included in the ICID Register of WHIS will be handed over a “Plaque/Certificate” to this effect.

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